The platform enabling you to offer
banking services the easy way


  • Wallet
  • IBAN
  • MasterCard® card
  • SEPA bank transfer
  • International transfers
  • FX management (USD, GBP, YUAN, etc.)
  • Factoring
  • Crowdlending / Credit
  • PFM
  • Turnkey accounting
  • Management of professional fees
  • Online trading
  • Legal address
  • Business creation
  • Legal assistance

Account management

Account maintenance

Anytime allows you to operate various services:

  • Neo banking
  • Marketplace
  • Cash pooling
  • Crowdfunding

Virtual Account Management

The use of a virtual account system brings you a cash management and cash flow reconciliation solution. Virtual IBANs linked to accounts allow you to efficiently manage banking flows

Collection and cash inflow

Bank card

Simple solutions to collect customer payments via bank card.

  • Smart 3DS
  • 3-D Secure


Anytime simplifies financial flow reconciliation thanks to virtual IBANs

  • Real-time notification of the reception of funds
  • Possibility to associate an inflow to customers identified in your systems


Cashing the cheques of your customers.

  • FNCI (National Register of Irregular Cheques) scoring

Personalise your MasterCard® cards and
contactless accessories

Contactless keyring

Contactless bracelet

The mould of your choice

Our factories let you create the mould of your choice. You may choose and give free rein to your imagination

Distribution of MasterCard® cards

Available from a point of sale

Your customers may collect or buy their card from a point of sale. To this end, special packaging is used (secure pack) to ensure that no one may have had access to the card number

Delivery to the customer

Our factory dispatches your cards on a daily basis. The cards are delivered by registered and tracked letter, in order to track the expedition progress. The cards are sent from France, and the French mail company La Poste ensures of delivery within two days.

Integration of our multi-speed

A very supple API system

The various building blocks of the Anytime offer are designed around APIs allowing to minimise development

Using your existing banking circuits

You already have an infrastructure for the treatment of payment methods, and it would be a shame not to rely on it

Fitting into existing structures and invoicing processes

According to what you decide, Anytime can either invoice the final customer directly and repay part of the commissions, or fully operate from a subcontracting structure

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