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An API enabling you to create bank accounts and associated MasterCard® cards, as well as to monitor cash flows

            curl "" \
                -X GET \
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'

Architecture of the API

schema explicatif de l'architecture de l'API

Account and card management

Technical management of the accounts

Authorisation server

For a MasterCard® transaction to be executed, it must first be accepted by an authorisation server. As soon as the response is positive, Anytime must block the equivalent amount and make it immediately available in the holding account.

Collateral in the holding account

As the authorisation server cannot be deported towards all our clients, Anytime must ensure that it is in fact in possession of the amount corresponding to the MasterCard® transaction that has been accepted. You must thereby credit the total payment capacity (ceiling) of the cards as collateral. For example, if you authorise a customer to spend €500 with their card, you must credit €500 in the holding account.

  • The API allows you to define the usage ceiling for each A, B or C card via the “CARD CREDIT” function. The holding account must remain in credit of at least the value of the authorised ceilings. In our example below, you must credit at least €3,000

  • You are aware of the holding account position at all times thanks to the “ACCOUNT BALANCE” function
schema pour comprendre les différentes possibilités de l'API, serveur d'autorisation, compte de cantonnement...

Easy to use RESTful API

We provide you with the tools necessary to implement our API in no time:

nos API sont simple d'utilisation, on met à votre disposition une documentation, une interface graphique, des exemples de code...
  • Complete documentation
  • A graphic interface to test and validate your requests
  • A sandbox mode to safely validate your functional tests
  • Code examples to guide you throughout your implementation
  • All-in-one customers available on GitHub (coming soon)

Secure API

Several verification levels in order to maximise the security of requests between our API and your infrastructure:

  • HTTPS protocol
  • Authentication and OAuth2 tokens
  • Signature of requests with an RSA key
  • Hash to verify answers
  • Access restriction to certain IP addresses or subnetworks
nos API sont sécurisées grâce à une technoligie de pointe, clé RSA, protocole HTTPS...

Examples of Banking-as-a-Service
API features

  • Verify the connection to the API
  • Account creation
  • Card creation
  • Obtaining a PIN code
  • Card credit
  • List of transactions
  • AML/KYC compliance

You can check that the connection to the API is successful.

            curl "" \
                -X GET \
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'

You can create business or consumer accounts that can be linked to several cards.

            curl "" \
                -X POST \ 
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
                -d 'acc_type=consumer | business' \
                -d 'acc_currency=EUR | USD' \
                -d 'user_gender=string' \
                -d 'user_first_name=string' \
                -d 'user_last_name=string' \
                -d 'user_dob=string' \
                -d 'user_pob=string' \
                -d 'user_email=string' \
                -d 'user_mobile_number=string' \
                -d 'user_addr_line_1=string' \
                -d 'user_addr_line_2=string' \
                -d 'user_addr_zip=string' \
                -d 'user_addr_city=string' \
                -d 'user_addr_cc=string' \
                -d 'user_nationality=string' \
                -d 'corp_name=string' \
                -d 'corp_regnum=string' \
                -d 'corp_type=string' \
                -d 'corp_activity=string' \
                -d 'corp_tva=string' \
                -d 'corp_addr_line_1=string' \
                -d 'corp_addr_line_2=string' \
                -d 'corp_addr_zip=string' \
                -d 'corp_addr_city=string' \
                -d 'corp_addr_cc=string'

You can order an Anytime MasterCard® card, a virtual card, a contactless MasterCard® chip, etc.

            curl "" \
                -X POST \ 
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
                -d 'acc_id=integer' \
                -d 'card_name=string' \
                -d 'card_type=PLASTIC | VIRTUAL_SINGLE_USE' \
                -d 'expiry_date=string' \
                -d 'language=string' \
                -d 'delivery_company_name=string' \
                -d 'delivery_gender=string' \
                -d 'delivery_first_name=string' \
                -d 'delivery_last_name=string' \
                -d 'delivery_addr_1=string' \
                -d 'delivery_addr_2=string' \
                -d 'delivery_zip=string' \
                -d 'delivery_city=string' \
                -d 'delivery_country_code=string'

The PIN code is delivered via a secure link destined only to the card bearer.

            curl "{card_ref}/pin" \
                -X POST \ 
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'

You can transfer funds from the master account towards a card instantly.

            curl "{card_ref}/credit" \
                -X POST \ 
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
                -d 'amount=number' \
                -d 'acc_comment=string' \
                -d 'card_comment=string'

You can access the transactions of an account or a card.

            curl -G "{id}/statements" \
                -X GET \ 
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
                -d 'date_start=string' \
                -d 'date_end=string'

As a Fintech, we supply much more than banking services. We offer value-added services allowing your business to develop rapidly. Should your business require to identify the client (KYC/AML-compliant), we offer various identification solutions, of ID capture and verification through sanction lists (OFAC, PEP, Interpol...)

            curl "{id}/kyc" \
                -X POST \ 
                -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
                -H 'X-Validation-Data: {YOUR_VALIDATION_DATA_STRING}' \
                -H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
                -d 'user_selfie=file' \
                -d 'user_identity=file' \
                -d 'user_identity_back=file' \
                -d 'user_dom_1=file' \
                -d 'user_identity_host=file' \
                -d 'user_identity_back_host=file' \
                -d 'user_dom_host=file' \
                -d 'user_affidavit=file' \
                -d 'corp_status=file' \
                -d 'corp_kbis=file'

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